Oregon’s Governor is a delight!

I am born and raised in Portland, Oregon and I must say that I am so impressed with our Governor, Kate Brown, and her strong leadership. The way she kicked those fascist Federal Government officers out of Oregon was nothing short of heroic.

The way the Feds came in after our city and state leaders let the city burn and did nothing, was entirely out of line. I mean, have the feds ever heard of states’ rights?

We Oregonians don’t belong to the US!

We don’t pay Federal taxes!

Because if we did, we would expect those taxes to cover the cost of protecting our families and property! I can’t imagine what the justice department was thinking?

Fortunately for us, the state police will step in and keep us safe, just like they were doing for the first two months. You know the quite, peaceful time before the totalitarian feds showed up.

I look forward to Governor Brown following up tomorrow and not only refusing all of the fascist money that pours into our state but also returning the billions of dollars she and the country have accidentally accepted from the federal government.

States Rights! States Rights!

We don’t want your corrupt billions of dollars.

This incredible leader is not your typical hypocritical, politic playing, talking out of both sides of her mouth type of politician. She is a freedom fighter that will not be bullied by the largesse from the feds. Keep up the great work Governor; we’re lucky to have an intellect like yours looking out for us helpless pleb’s!

Time to head to Walmart, where it’s safe.

Obviously, Corona can’t get through big-box retailers’ doors. Not at all like the small, local businesses that our Governor has forced to shut down. Even though the result of doing it is effectively stealing their life’s work from them at the end of a gun, thankfully, there is a bright side: sales at Walmart and Amazon are skyrocketing, making them even stronger. Whew!

Democracy in action!

These stupid small companies trying to compete locally, what the hell were they thinking? Fortunately for them, and all of us, we have a Governor that can think FOR us. So much more comfortable when someone like Kate Brown is here to tell us what to think. Those fascist feds should be ashamed.

Grew up poor, on the street at 17. Started my first company at 28. Bought and sold a dozen companies over 20+ years generating $450 million in revenue.